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Downloadable Files

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MSCA Brochure

A tri-fold brochure on MSCA.

Download 2016 MSCA Brochure.pdf

MSCA Info Flyer

An in-depth description of MSCA. Print on 11x17 paper, fold in half, then in thirds.

Download 2016 MSCA Info Flyer.pdf

Application For Assistance by MSCA

Fill out this form, return it to MSCA (by mail: P.O. Box 909, Conrad, MT 59425 or email: msca@3rivers.net). We will contact you to set up a site visit with no obligation and no cost to you.

Download MSCA Application for Assistance 2016.xlsx

Salt-tolerant Forage Species

A list of species and their soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) tolerance level, limitations, and adaptation characteristics.

Download Salt-Tolerant Forages-Revised 031518.xlsx

2019 Newsletter

Funding earmarked for saline seep recharge areas! Contact MSCA for more info.

Download 2019 Spring Newsletter.pdf

2020 Newsletter

The latest in saline seep news - now is a great time to stop that seep from growing any larger!

Download RCPP General news article Spring 2020.docx

Procedures for Working with MSCA

An outline of the steps involved in a typical saline seep reclamation project.

Download MSCA Procedures 2009.doc

2016 USDA Saline Programs

An overview of two USDA programs that provide financial assistance in identifying saline seep recharge areas and implementing land-use changes to treat salinity problems.

Download 2016 USDA saline programs.doc

General Information

An overview of MSCA saline soil and water reclamation efforts.

Download 2009 MSCA information.doc

2015 CRP and Saline Seep

Declining CRP acres could result in the recurrence of saline seeps

Download Declining CRP Acres Could Result in Recurrence of Saline Seeps - Holly Taylor and J Holzer March 2015_final lv phedits.doc

Belt Creek 319 Report

Belt Creek Acid Mine Discharge-Recharge Delineation Final Report to DEQ, completed June 2016 by MT Bureau of Mines and Geology and MT Salinity Control Association.

Download Final Belt Creek FINAL 319 Report June 2016.docx

2018 Newsletter

MT Saline Seep Reclamation RCPP Project means EQIP funding will be more readily available! Also inside: Cover Crop 5-yr Project Update, Soil Acidity, Prevented Planting Options, and Beale Canal - Big Coulee Project Update.

Download 2018 Newsletter and attachments scanned.pdf

2017 Newsletter

Articles include: MSCA Selected as Business of the Month, Options for Expiring CRP Contracts, Acidic Soil - a new soil problem in cropland, Baseline Ground Water Sampling, Sage Creek Watershed, Water Quality Analysis Services Available, Salt-tolerant Forage Options, Cover Crops Improve Soil Health, Salinity Control on the High School Level, MT Ag Summit, Soil Health Workshops and Tours.

Download 2017 Spring Newsletter.pdf

2016 Newsletter

This edition of Conservision News reports on upcoming Farm Program updates for salinity, new publications by MSCA (brochure and in-depth informational flyer), MSCA's work with the Sunburst School Saline Lakebed project, a cover crop grant project, and baseline ground water monitoring by MSCA.

Download 2016 Spring Newsletter.pdf

2015 Newsletter

The latest edition of the Conservision News by MSCA discusses the Baseline Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program, Saline Seep Workshop announcements, MSCA working with Sunburst School students, updates on the Muddy Creek Project and pollinator garden, info on Soil Health Workshops, monitoring reminder and new employee announcement.

Download 2015 NEWSLETTER 092415TRpdf.pdf

2014 International Salinity Forum

MSCA's paper “Land Management For Dryland Salinity Control In Montana, Northern Great Plains” that was presented in Riverside, CA in June 2014 at the International Salinity Forum.

Download 2014 3rd Internatl Salinity Forum -Montana paper 072414 MM TR.doc

2013 Newsletter

Inside this issue: MSCA's 22nd year of participation in Agriculture in MT Schools, the Baseline Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program, Cover Crops & Soil Health Update, Expiring CRP Contracts can lead to salty trouble!

Download 2013 Spring Newsletter.pdf

2012 Newsletter

Current and future MSCA projects and  events: surface and ground water monitoring, cover crops, Muddy Creek, Belt Creek, Economic Information Conference, Soil Health Workshops, and more. 

Download 2012 Fall Newsletter.pdf

Saline Seep Mgt in N-Central MT - Holly Taylor 2013

A capstone paper by Holly Taylor for her Master of Science degree from Oregon State University. This is an excellent summary of saline seep research and reclamation techniques used in Montana.

Download Saline Seep Mgt in N-Central MT - Holly Taylor Dec 2013.pdf