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About MSCA

Montana Salinity Control Association (MSCA)


MSCA is a satellite organization of Montana's Conservation Districts. CD's grew from public concern for the condition of our natural resources in the early 1930's - nobody wanted to relive the dust bowl.  Today, MT's 58 conservation districts provide local citizens with an opportunity to shape resource planning in their areas.  Membership from conservation district supervisors in 33 counties make up the Montana Salinity Control Association.  This internationally recognized organization is headquartered in Conrad, MT, and provides expert technical assistance in the reclamation and control of saline seeps in agricultural areas.



Saline seep reclamation.   MSCA works with landowners, watershed groups, Conservation Districts, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation - Conservation and Resource Development Division (DNRC - CARDD), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and other individuals and entities to improve surface soil and water quality.  MSCA does this by providing technical assistance for reclaiming agriculture-related saline seeps.  Below is a map showing regions within the MT Salinity Control Association.  The areas of yellow and green are where most agriculture-related, and therefore reclaimable, dryland saline seeps are located (northern glaciated plains).

MSCA Regions



There are several varieties of saline seeps which form through different processes.  The most basic saline seep, and the kind that is reclaimable, occurs in the northern glaciated plains of Montana where both the soil profile and underlying bedrock have an elevated and highly soluble salt content.  The salts leach into the ground water in the recharge area, and where the ground water comes near the surface, a saline seep forms in the discharge area.  Through capillary action and evaporation, salts accumulate on the surface and inhibit vegetative growth.  Click on the tabs above for more details. 


Montana Salinity Control Association

P.O. Box 909

Conrad, MT 59425

email:     phone/fax: (406) 278-3071

Mission Statement: "Empower people to improve the long term productivity and quality of soil and water resources."